Monday, March 8, 2010

Meeting the Family:)

After so many hours of flying, eating bad airline food, kids screaming, and other annoying bodily functions we landed in Manama, Bahrain. We went to baggage claims and the customs went thru our stuff. Some things you are not allowed to bring inside with you, it’s their way. We walked from the customs and walked into waiting family/friends/neighbors of other passengers, we then saw his family, his sisters came and kiss him and hold him for the longest time. They said to me; ‘Thank you, thank you’. What do I do I thought? It was very emotional for me because I left my mom and brother. To enter Bahrain you must be a holder of your respective nationality, and a stamp from the Bahraini Embassy to be allowed to enter inside. Bahrain used to be called ‘State of Bahrain’ Now, Kingdom of Bahrain.

We drove around Bahrain looking for an apartment they say here for hotel/motel and we found one really nice looking over the highway and the sea. I was so tired when I walked inside, the room was really nice, a full – kitchen, 2 baths, 2 bedrooms and one big living room with a view. It was reunion of sort, all his sisters, and brothers came to see us and welcome me in the family.

During our stay in Bahrain, we went shopping; even the ‘gold’ market was very nice. I was introduced in away to Arabian foods, it was quite different from back home of what we eat, and it was good to the taste buds I say.

It was now that time preparing to enter my husband’s birth home, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We packed everything we bought in Bahrain and headed on to the highway which will lead me to my future home.

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