Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saying Goodbye

It was August 13th, 1999; I was going to embark on a journey that I never dreamed of when I was a child. Weeks prior to depart, I had to make a decision of a lifetime. We purchase our tickets in advance, no refunds. “Are you sure you want to go?” he said to me. “Yes, I am sure.” So, that was done, and we bought these huge bags, I never seen before, it’s like carrying a body inside. We bought four bags. I think that’s enough space for my stuff. The hardest thing is now to tell my mom and brother I am leaving them.

Few days before departure, leaving my love ones I had to think of what to say. I went upstairs without him crying and looking around. “I’m leaving” I cried. I never had a second thought about it. Packing was the hardest thing, what to take not to take, many thoughts going at once. I think mom knew mom’s instincts I guess. Mom said, “Rose Marie, you are leaving us?” I looked at her saying “Mom, Yes, don’t be upset, I’ll be safe, Al is a good man.” We hugged.

Departure day, Morning, put all the suitcases in the van. We all sat and had breakfast, nothing was said. Everything was said at the table. We all went to the van and drove to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The check – in was moderate, excluding the stuff we had to return back home because of the weight. We got our boarding pass; we were on the last TWA flight. The flight took us to New York, the busiest city on the planet I know of. Before that, saying goodbye to my mother and brother was the hardest thing. We hugged for almost 20 minutes, crying. I told my mom; “Everything will be alright!” She couldn’t say a word to me, she hugged her son-in-law for the last time, I hugged my brother saying; “Don’t worry, I’m coming back” We hugged and broke the embrace and we started to walk to our gate, looking over my shoulder I can see my mom breaking down in tears. I wanted to run to her and just forget the whole thing, but I am married and starting a whole new life overseas.

We started to board, my mind was on my mom and brother, not really thinking of what’s about to happen. FLYING! I never flew before. This was going to be my first flying experience of a lifetime. We sat in our assigned seats; this is why you need a boarding pass. The seats were filled no empty seats. The stewardess gave her demonstration on how to use the exits in an emergency, seatbelts. I knew that but I wasn’t with her, I can hear her voice in the distance. I was scared, nervous. But I was thinking of my mom and brother. It broke my heart. My daughter sat next to me she was 8 years old the youngest in our family to fly!

We finally taxed onto the runway, and we started to roll down and I was literally shaking up. We took off, and my whole body just like drop onto the floor because the force of the plane. The turn was the worse, I thought oh my GOD, we are going to flip over. We had a safe flight, thank god, we arrived in New York. It was a 2 and ½ hour flight, what I remember. The terminal was crowded with many nationalities, religions, race. Then we had to do that running dash, like in the movie “Home Alone” to catch the flight, when we got there, the lines were too much. We waited in line another 2 hours just to check – in and get our boarding passes!

We went on the Royal Jordanian Airlines, the plane ride was somewhat unique because it was the Total Eclipse on the Friday the 13th. I was afraid, still, thinking of mom and my brother. The flight was I think overbooked many people and so little time, but I’m glad we were on it. This flight was a long flight almost 18hour flight or more. I never flew across the ocean. The turbulence was awful I got scared and I prayed. Thank God, though we arrived safe and sound. We landed in Amman, Jordan.

We are now in the Middle Eastern country, Amman, Jordan. We stayed there for about 8 hours of layover. We went window shopping but nothing for my taste because; a. tired, b. hungry, c. want to go back home, d. you get the picture. We are going to board for Manama, Bahrain. Bahrain is a small island of the coast of Saudi Arabia. Same airlines, better flight.

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  1. Hi Rose Marie - I want to wish you the best with your blog - it looks like you're off to a great start! I'm looking forward to reading more... Susie